This page is a brief guide to using BusKill. For more detailed information, see:

  1. Hardware User Guide and

  2. Software User Guide

Step 1: Attach Carabiner To Belt

First, connect the carabiner (clip) side of your BusKill cable to your belt loop. This anchors your device to your body, so that if your device is taken away, the cable will disconnect.


Step 1: Attach Carabiner to Belt

Step 2: Plug-in To Device

Next, connect the magnetic-breakaway side of your BusKill cable to your device. This lets the BusKill app know that you’re sitting at the helm.


Step 2: Plug-in the BusKill cable to your device

Step 3: Arm BusKill

Open the BusKill app and click the Arm button.


Step 3: Arm BusKill