Opening The BusKill App

BusKill is a self-contained, portable app that doesn’t require installation.


To open the BusKill App in Linux, extract the tarball and double-click the AppImage.


To open the BusKill App in Windows, extract the zip archive and double-click buskill.exe.


To open the BusKill App in MacOS, extract the tarball, and double-click the .dmg and the buskill executable.


Due to budget reasons, the BusKill project cannot afford to notorize our apps. In fact, Apple app notorization doesn’t add any security; we already provide a means for users to cryptographically authenticate and verify the integrity of our releases using PGP.

If you’re passionate about improving the UX so MacOS users don’t have to go to Security & Privacy settings and click Open Anyway, please make a $200 donation which will cover Apple fees to notorize our app for 1 year.