Downloading The BusKill App

The BusKill projects uses GitHub as our forge.

To download the latest version of the BusKill app, click the Latest button under Releases on our repository’s home page:

screenshot of the buskill-app repo home page

Click “latest” on our buskill-app repo page

Then you’ll want to click to download three files:

  1. The SHA256SUM checksum file,

  2. The SHA256SUM.asc detached signature file, and

  3. The archive for your OS and architecture (eg buskill-linux-x86_64.v0.1.0.tar.bz2)

screenshot of the buskill-app repo release page

Download SHA256SUM, SHA256SUM.asc, and your OS/arch-specific release files


If you’d like to download our source code and build our app yourself, see Building buskill-app