API Reference (buskill-app)

This section documents the main BusKill app

Source Code

This section documents the source code files and their classes/function using autodoc.

You can find the sourcecode that this document refers to in the src/ directory on our github-app repo on github.com


File:    main.py
Authors: Michael Altfield <michael@buskill.in>
Created: 2020-06-23
Updated: 2020-06-23
Version: 0.1

This is the main wrapper script for launching the BusKill app.

It has no functions and simply sets-up some essential requirements based on the platform, sets-up logging, and then either launches the CLI (buskill_cli.py) or the GUI (buskill_gui.py).

For more info, see: https://buskill.in/





This is our main kivy-specific design language file that describes how to render the GUI, separating code from design.