BusKill App: Command-Line Interface

This page will describe how to use the BusKill app in CLI mode.

To control BusKill via the CLI, use the same executable with arguments (executing buskill without arguments opens it in GUI mode).


You can print a list of allowable arguments by passing the buskill app -h or --help

user@disp2781:~/Downloads/dist$ ./buskill.AppImage --help
usage: buskill [-h] [--version] [--list-triggers] [-v] [-t] [-T] [-a] [-U]

App for arming and configuring BusKill. For help, see https://docs.buskill.in

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --version          print version and exit.
  --list-triggers    List all available triggers.
  -v, --verbose      increase output verbosity
  -t , --trigger     Choose trigger to execute. See --list-triggers for all
                     possible values.
  -T, --run-trigger  Immediately execute the trigger on start
  -a, --arm          Arms BusKill
  -U, --upgrade      Download & upgrade latest version of BusKill


To arm BusKill, execute it with the -a or --arm argument

user@disp2781:~/Downloads/dist$ ./buskill.AppImage --arm
INFO: BusKill is armed. Listening for removal event.
INFO: To disarm the CLI, exit with ^C or close this terminal

Trigger Selector

You can use -t or --trigger to specify which trigger you would like the BusKill app to execute when your BusKill cable is disconnected. For example, to arm BusKill such that it will shutdown your computer when the BusKill cable is removed, choose the soft-shutdown trigger

user@disp2781:~/Downloads/dist$ ./buskill.AppImage --arm --trigger soft-shutdown
INFO: BusKill 'trigger' set to 'soft-shutdown'
INFO: BusKill is armed. Listening for removal event.
INFO: To disarm the CLI, exit with ^C or close this terminal

You can also list all available triggers with --list-triggers

user@disp2781:~/Downloads/dist$ ./buskill.AppImage --list-triggers
Supported triggers include:


Due to a limitation in the Windows API, executables cannot be switched between CONSOLE and WINDOWS at runtime. This effectively means that buskill.exe can be executed from the CLI, but it won’t be interactive. For more info, see:

As a simple workaround to launch the BusKill app in CLI mode, simply append | more to the command. For example, to arm the BusKill app from the CLI in the Windows Command Prompt:

C:\Users\user\Desktop\buskill-Windows\buskill>buskill.exe --arm | more


To disarm BusKill, simply send SIGTERM by typing ctrl+c or closing the terminal