Thank you for considering to help with the development of BusKill!

As an open-source project, we depend on the work of volunteers to stay alive, and your time helping to improve our project is very much appreciated :)

Wish List

Below is a list of items on our TODO list. If you’d like to help us tackle these tasks, please contact us as there may be someone already working on a given task that you may be able to collaborate with.

Please be aware that any contributions you make will be made open-source. See License for more info.


Here’s some items on our wish list that you can help contribute to:

  1. Translating our app and this documentation to another language

  2. Testing our app on many Supported Platforms

  3. Writing new auxillary triggers, such as

    1. A self-destruct trigger for Veracrypt

    2. A self-destruct trigger for BitLocker

    3. A self-destruct trigger for FileVault

  4. Fix PyInstaller to support reproducible builds on MacOS and Windows

  5. Port BusKill to Android

  6. Port BusKill to iOS

  7. Update appimagetool to include squashfs-tools v4.4

  8. Create a video extension in sphinx that has a graceful fallback on PDF and printing to paper

  9. Create a spreadsheet extension in sphinx that converts LibreOffice Calc documents (with formulas in them) into csv format (using localc) at build-time for creating BOM tables in reST documents.

  10. Create a sphinx part library extension that does for .stl and FreeCAD files what autodoc does for .py files.


  1. Open-source USB magnetic disconnect (.stl file, BOM w/ link to USB components/magnets/pogo connector, build instructions, etc)

  2. A simple-as-possible open-source USB peripheral that can send USB hotplug events but doesn’t have the ability to send data to the machine, including a low-tech guide to verify the integrity of the device.